Former Panel Members

Dr. Lisa Given

Dr. Lisa Given is a professor in the School of Library and Information Studies (Faculty of Education) and an Adjunct Professor in Humanities Computing (Faculty of Arts) at the University of Alberta. A former Director (and now a Distinguished Scholar) of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, Dr. Given holds research grants from CIHR, SSHRC, and other agencies. She has received numerous research awards and has published widely on topics related to individuals’ information behaviours and qualitative inquiry. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Institute for Research in Computing and the Arts. Recent projects include the SSHRC-funded studies “Participatory design for a visually-based drug information interface: Web usability in the context of consumers’ health information behaviours,” and “Just what do they do? Studying the usage of online text analysis tools,” as well as the CIHR-funded project “H1N1 knowledge translation for pregnant women and seniors.” She has published more than 70 books, chapters and articles and is the editor of The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods(2008).

Dr. Given received her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario in 2001. Her research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, exploring the social construction of knowledge, web usability, spatial analysis, information literacy, qualitative research practices and information issues in the context of higher education. Dr. Given has been very active in Canada’s ethics community, serving on the Council of Canadian Academies’ Expert Panel on Research Integrity (2009 to 2010) and on the Interagency Advisory Panel’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Ethics Special Working Committee (2003 to 2009). She also serves regularly as an expert witness examining the credibility of internet resources. Dr. Given teaches graduate-level courses on research methods and information literacy and also gives workshops on research ethics and research methods for faculty, students and practitioners across disciplines. Additional information on Dr. Given is available through the University of Alberta’s website.

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