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Roles and Responsibilities

1. What are the responsibilities of researchers according to TCPS 2?

Researchers have a responsibility “to ensure that research involving humans meets high scientific and ethical standards that respect and protect the participants” (Chapter 1, Ethics Framework, Importance of Research and Research Ethics). This responsibility does not end when a study receives REB approval but continues for the entire lifecycle of the research. For research participants, researchers are the front line representatives of research ethics and have primary responsibility for implementing the core principles of TCPS 2: Respect for Persons, Concern for Welfare and Justice.

Researchers affiliated with an institution eligible to administer Agency funds are expected to be knowledgeable about TCPS 2 guidance relevant to their research, and to apply this guidance to the design and conduct of their research. Researchers should ensure that all team members under their supervision are trained to conduct ethically acceptable research in accordance with TCPS 2 (Application of Article 6.14). They should also be aware of their professional and other institutional responsibilities, as well as their legal obligations in the conduct of their research.