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TCPS 2 (2014) - Proposed Revisions for Public Consultation
Research Involving Human Cells and Cell Lines

Deadline Extended: Comments will be accepted until January 5, 2018

The Panel on Research Ethics is seeking feedback on proposed revisions to the 2nd edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving HumansTCPS 2 (2014).

This set of proposed revisions pertains to research involving human cells and cell lines. The Panel established the Cell Line Advisory Subcommittee (CLAS) for advice on whether research involving human cells and cell lines from established biobanks should undergo REB review.

Due to the specialized nature of this topic, these revisions may be of particular interest to cell scientists and biobank administrators, in addition to REBs.  

This consultation is in keeping with the Panel’s mandate to ensure that the TCPS continues to evolve.

Consultation Document

 Proposed Revisions to TCPS 2 (2014) – Research Involving Human Cells and Cell Lines
(PDF, 98KB)

Comment Submissions

Please include your name and the following demographics with your submission to inform us about the reach of the consultation:

  1. Province or territory
  2. Affiliation: university, hospital, college, community organization, other
  3. Capacity in which you are submitting the comments: REB member, researcher, student, administration, research participant, representative of a group or organization
  4. Your main discipline: Behavioural Sciences, Biomedical, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, other

Following the Panel on Research Ethics’ transparent and inclusive processes of public engagement, all comments received (including identifiable information) will be posted to the Panel’s website after the closing of the comment period.

If you do not wish to have your comments posted, please indicate that clearly at the beginning of your submission.

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